Our employment lawyers are ready to help if you encounter unfair treatment at work. Whether you experience harassment or unequal pay, are unfairly denied a promotion or face losing your job, we'll work to achieve redress for you. We have a strong track record in employment cases, and have achieved ground-breaking awards for clients from a diverse range of professions including financial services, high-end retail, education, manufacturing and law. We have deep experience in employment litigation in both the United States and the United Kingdom.


We specialise in representing people who have faced discrimination and unfair treatment in higher education, including students and staff, both in the United States and United Kingdom.  We have represented staff in claims against universities for unfair dismissal and discrimination, and we frequently represent university students who have experienced sexual harassment or sexual violence. Our founding partner was a plaintiff in the pathbreaking Title IX lawsuit Alexander v. Yale, which established for the first time that sexual harassment at a university is illegal, and we frequently bring cases in this area.


McAllister Olivarius is one of the leading law firms working with victims of online privacy and civil rights violations, both in the US and the UK. We represent victims of cyberbullying, non-consensual pornography and online trolling, seeking to expand the law’s protections of victims in claims against individuals and website operators, working with our clients to rebuild their lives and reputations.


Our solicitors and American attorneys have extensive experience doing corporate deals, many of them involving US-UK transactions where we operate regularly. We have helped start-ups, small companies and large firms with mergers, acquisitions, licensing, joint venture and partnership agreements. Having built our own business, we understand what it’s like, and are excited to help other firms meet their challenges and thrive.

Our team is highly skilled in resolving civil and commercial disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. We aim to provide an efficient, cost-effective approach to all disputes.


Our lawyers have handled complex separations and divorces, prenuptial agreements, child arrangements and international child abductions. We know how to look for hidden assets and to stand up to bullying tactics, in both the US and UK.