Phil Davis

Chief of Staff


Phil Davis is a successful international business executive. He brings to the firm more than 30 years of experience gained in a high profile, research-based industry. His career accomplishments have included the leadership of multi-million commercial enterprises in Europe, North America and Africa and corporate directorships in North and South America, Africa and Europe. As head of Sumitomo Chemical’s market leading, malaria control activity, he was directly responsible for planning and executing a successful business strategy that saved millions of lives.


Phil entered business management through communications and marketing, which in the 1980’s included successfully leading the European aerosol industry (as president of its trade association) out of the major, multi-year public relations crisis it faced when fluorocarbons were discovered to be depleted ozone levels. Phil’s a keen local historian; it’s an interest which provides him with expertise in biographical research, including genealogy and property history in a field where his natural energy, curiosity, judgement and organisational skills have combined to unearth numerous discoveries.