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Bringing an Employment Tribunal Claim in the UK 

Conflicts within the workplace are a fact of life and managing them can be difficult. You may feel you have been unfairly treated, discriminated or unfairly dismissed, and for many people the prospect of raising these issues can be daunting. If you are faced with having to take action against your employer, our specialist employment team can help you through the process and discuss your options with you.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in employment law and we always want to achieve the best possible result for our clients. One aspect of high quality work is providing you with the information you need to fight your case, which also means being transparent with you in explaining how the process works and its costs.

Often we can negotiate with your employer and resolve your claim without having to present it to an Employment Tribunal. If this is the case, we can sometimes offer a fixed fee for advising on the terms of settlement. If that is not possible, we will make sure you understand the process and give you an estimate of the cost of each stage of your dispute. These key stages may include:

  • Negotiating with your employer to exploring whether a settlement can be reached

  • Preparing and presenting your claim to the Employment Tribunal

  • Reviewing and advising on the response from the employer

  • Exchanging documents with your employer

  • Preparing your evidence and drafting witness statements

  • Preparing for and attending the Final Hearing

Our specialist employment team can help assess your potential costs which may vary from up to £5,000 (excluding VAT) in the simplest cases to over £20,000 (excluding VAT) in the most complex. The factors which make a case more complex often include:

  • Allegations of discrimination, harassment and/or victimisation

  • Matters relating to equal pay disputes

  • Numerous witnesses and documents

  • Multiple claims against your employer

  • The length of the Final Hearing

The earlier you come to us, the better the chance we have of maximising your options, negotiating an early settlement and potentially reducing costs. Our team has an excellent track record in employment cases and has experience in dealing with a wide range of situations.

What funding options are available?

As you weigh whether to take action, we will support you in considering the best funding options for you. We will explain how these options work and which ones we think are best for you.

  • Legal Expense Insurance (“LEI”)

LEI covering employment cases is often included in home or car insurance policies you may already have bought. Many people have LEI but do not know it. If you do not have LEI, you can purchase it on its own.

LEI can be bought ‘before the event’ (“BTE”), to protect you in case you may need to fight a legal case in the future, or ‘after the event’ (“ATE”), where the event that causes you to take legal action has already happened. We will ask you to check whether you have any LEI before we take your case forward.

  • ‘No Win No Fee’

We regularly consider whether we can act on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. This means that you will not pay any of our fees unless your claim is successful.  There are two types of ‘No Win No Fee’ agreements we can offer – Damages Based Agreements, which we use in Employment Tribunal cases, or Conditional Fee Arrangements, which we use if your claim is heard in the County Court or High Court, which sometimes occurs in employment matters.

With a Damages Based Agreement, if your claim is successful, our fee will not be more than 35% (including VAT) of the amount you win plus expenses and disbursements.

With a Conditional Fee Arrangement, our legal fees are paid by your opponent if you win, together with a ‘success fee’ uplift, which will be paid from your damages.

  • Private paying

If the above options are not possible or not appropriate, we can act for you on a traditional hourly rate. The amount of the hourly rate will depend on the level of experience of our staff handling your case.  We will estimate costs so that you may budget. If your case is successful, you will receive 100% of the compensation or settlement but our fees are payable whether you win or lose.

How long will your matter take?

The time it takes to resolve a dispute with your employer depends on various factors. Our specialist employment team have the experience to provide you with a more accurate timescale once they understand your dispute.

On average, if settlement is reached without presenting your claim to the Employment Tribunal or a court, your case is likely to take less than 16 weeks. If your claim proceeds to a Final Hearing, it will take more than 28 weeks.

Please contact one of our employment team to discuss your needs.