McAllister Olivarius in the news

Yale University

“Yale has been an organizing principle of my life for 46 of my 64 years. I graduated from Yale College, the School of Management and the Law School. I met my husband at Yale, our three children are Yalies and at last count, my law firm has employed 63 Yalies. I have sued Yale too, several times: first as an undergraduate plaintiff in Alexander v. Yale, the 1977 case that first established that it was against the law for a publicly funded university not to have a system to address sexual harassment, and more recently as a lawyer representing sexual harassment victims. I was a poor kid from New Jersey for whom Yale opened the doors to a life I have felt lucky to lead. I am immensely grateful to it for all that it taught me — including that self-criticism is a foundation for self-improvement.”

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More than 200 Yale alumni, family, and friends gathered Thursday 7th March at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., for the YaleWomen Excellence Awards, at which Dr Ann Olivarius, Catherine Lhamon, and Anita Hill were given Lifetime Achievement Awards.

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