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Workplace Discrimination

“"Singh's removal as AIGH director confirms that the allegations in the original complaint struck home," McAllister Olivarius, the law firm representing the plaintiffs, said in a statement. "But instead of simply acknowledging that it could have done better, apologizing and moving on as hundreds of students, alumni, staff and faculty would like, the school is conducting legal trench warfare consistent with Charney's leadership style."

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Based on new research commissioned by Georgina Calvert-Lee—Senior Litigation Counsel at McAllister Olivarius—the Plymouth Herald reports that a third of working women have experienced harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

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Represented by McAllister Olivarius, professors Gail Dines and Eric Silverman of Wheelock College have filed federal workplace discrimination complaints alleging religious bias by the college, which has damaged their careers and reputations. The Boston Globe reports that Dines and Silverman, both Jewish professors, claim they faced anti-Semitic discrimination after they wrote a letter in 2014 with four other colleagues that expressed concern about a lack of inclusion of Jewish perspectives at Wheelock.

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