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Statement by the Plaintiffs responding to Judge Vilardo’s decision sustaining their complaint

“We are delighted to receive Judge Vilardo’s Decision and Order, which vindicates our decision to bring this case. Faced with the University’s argument that we have no valid legal claims, the court has upheld our right to proceed to trial on almost every one, including retaliation, hostile work environment, breach of contract and defamation. This victory is still bittersweet, however, because we never wanted to be here in the first place. All we have sought from the outset is for the University to behave properly in the face of our serious concerns that Professor Jaeger was harassing students and making it intolerable for many women to work in our Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department. We have always sought to engage constructively with UR, where we had worked for a combined five decades and hoped to spend the rest of our careers. Unfortunately, we have been repeatedly rebuffed. As employees, we were retaliated against, called liars and troublemakers. As plaintiffs, we were told our complaints were hearsay and unfounded. The University conducted a retaliation campaign that drove many of us from our jobs. Our attempts to settle the case have been rejected. Now, Judge Vilardo’s decision demonstrates that the University has wasted two years and millions of dollars trying to defend the indefensible.”

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