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The University of Cambridge upheld Danielle’s formal complaint of harassment by a fellow student. However, the burden of upholding the no-contact order between her and convicted harasser fell on her as well. Danielle was not allowed to explain to her professors why she was unable to attend lectures in buildings she was banned from, she was told that by talking about her case to anyone, she herself might be sued for harassment. For that reason among others, Danielle is now suing the University of Cambridge under the Equalities Act.

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McAllister Olivarius client Dr Emma Chapman spoke with the Evening Standard about her experience at University College London, where she experienced harassment, made a formal complaint against the university, and was then asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement while settling with the university. 

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We are supporting the inaugural Clear Lines Festival in London - a series of events discussing sexual assault and consent through the medium of performing arts, spoken word, talks, panels and presentations.  and urge you to join us.

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