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Civil Law

YouTube vlogger Chrissy Chambers talks to ABC’s Nightline programme about the ground-breaking legal battle Senior Partner Ann Olivarius and her team are fighting in the UK to win damages after Chrissy’s former boyfriend posted revenge porn online.

Dr Olivarius says: “We’re committed to working with Chrissy, to help change the world for the better and to stop this form of hatred from happening to other women.”

After launching a crowd-funding campaign to take her former partner to court, our client, YouTube celebrity Chrissy Chambers, has exceeded her $30,000 (£22,000) goal within nine days, the International Business Times reports. McAllister Olivarius is representing Chambers in her landmark case to seek civil damages as a victim of revenge porn. Meeting her funding goal will now allow her to begin proceedings.

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BBC Look North interviewed our Managing Partner Jef McAllister about a recent national campaign to secure anonymity for victims of revenge porn like victims of other sexual offenses. Jef McAllister commented that allowing victims to be anonymous would easily be possible and would help them feel confident the law was on their side.

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The Guardian has interviewed Jef McAllister, our Managing Partner, this week about England’s most recent revenge pornography prosecution, which saw 40 year old Simon Humphrey from St Albans receive a four-month suspended prison sentence for posting a naked image of his former partner on his Facebook page. 

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