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McAllister Olivarius is set to launch a web-based service pitched to the victims of image-based abuse, offering self-help tips and explaining their options. Forbes reported on the upcoming website launch in its coverage of the 2019 International Women’s Day Event at Doughty Street Chambers, which addressed the question, “What more can the law do for women?”

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Senior Partner Ann Olivarius joins Victoria Derbyshire on her BBC current affairs programme to discuss new guidelines that could see revenge porn offenders jailed for up to two years.

Ann explains the limitations of the current law and the consequences for our clients, including Chrissy Chambers, who has been fighting for justice for three years after her ex-boyfriend posted revenge porn material on a pornography website.

As the social movement against revenge pornography gets set to take to the streets of New York, the campaign’s founder Leah Juliett explains the importance of raising awareness of cyber sexual crimes and highlights the case of McAllister Olivarius client Chrissy Chambers.

Leah Juliett, Founder of March Against Revenge Porn

After launching a crowd-funding campaign to take her former partner to court, our client, YouTube celebrity Chrissy Chambers, has exceeded her $30,000 (£22,000) goal within nine days, the International Business Times reports. McAllister Olivarius is representing Chambers in her landmark case to seek civil damages as a victim of revenge porn. Meeting her funding goal will now allow her to begin proceedings.

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