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Ann Olivarius

A faculty grievance committee last month upheld a decision to deny tenure to McAllister Olivarius client BethAnn McLaughlin, a neuroscientist at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville who has become a prominent spokesperson for the #MeToo movement in science.

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As the social movement against revenge pornography gets set to take to the streets of New York, the campaign’s founder Leah Juliett explains the importance of raising awareness of cyber sexual crimes and highlights the case of McAllister Olivarius client Chrissy Chambers.

Leah Juliett, Founder of March Against Revenge Porn

Our Senior Partner Dr Ann Olivarius features in presenter Vogue Williams’ latest On The Edge documentary, which investigates the impact of online bullying, grooming and sextortion.

Described by The Independent as ‘difficult but necessary viewing’, the programme also focuses on our client Chrissy Chambers and her battle for justice in the civil courts after her ex-boyfriend posted revenge pornography online.

The Economist interviews Dr Ann Olivarius on a new law which requires all Minnesota freshmen to be given anti-rape training within the first 10 days of the school year.

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Dr Ann Olivarius was interviewed alongside Rachel Krys from End Violence Against Women on the day a new report from the Crown Prosecution Service reveals violent crimes against women in England and Wales have reached a record high.

While the number of prosecutions has also hit record levels, our Senior Partner explained why the new laws to protect women and girls from physical violence as well psychological control via social media don’t go far enough.