McAllister Olivarius launches, an innovative website giving legal support to survivors of Image-Based Sexual Abuse

Revenge pornography -- also termed image-based sexual abuse -- is a growing problem that hurts women and girls especially. Because inadequate laws lag far behind rapid technological developments and fail to address the often devastating consequences, it is crucial for survivors to have access to new ways to minimize damage and pursue justice. For this reason, trans-Atlantic law firm McAllister Olivarius, a leader in this emerging area of law, has developed an innovative web-based service,, that provides immediate self-help solutions for survivors and makes legal advice more accessible to them too. The site offers two tracks to survivors. One is a “DIY” section that explains the legal landscape and provides information on steps that survivors can take themselves to reduce harm and pursue the perpetrator. It includes ‘how-to’ guides on preserving evidence, strengthening cybersecurity protection, and contacting websites and social media platforms to request the removal of offending content. The other track offers access to the firm’s lawyers for a low-cost (£250) consultation, using an innovative online questionnaire that allows survivors to explain their case effectively. The process has been designed to help clients describe their situation in their own terms, allowing the legal staff to zero in quickly on the available options. The next step is a phone consultation to discuss possible courses of action. This approach gives survivors control over when and how they share their stories and ensures that consultations are solutions-based.

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