OLIVARIUS: The next 50 years, The Yale Daily News.

“Yale has been an organizing principle of my life for 46 of my 64 years. I graduated from Yale College, the School of Management and the Law School. I met my husband at Yale, our three children are Yalies and at last count, my law firm has employed 63 Yalies. I have sued Yale too, several times: first as an undergraduate plaintiff in Alexander v. Yale, the 1977 case that first established that it was against the law for a publicly funded university not to have a system to address sexual harassment, and more recently as a lawyer representing sexual harassment victims. I was a poor kid from New Jersey for whom Yale opened the doors to a life I have felt lucky to lead. I am immensely grateful to it for all that it taught me — including that self-criticism is a foundation for self-improvement.”

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