Former University of Illinois professor accused of sexual and physical abuse: "He tried to kill me", CBS News

One of our plaintiffs speaks exclusively to CBS News about the abuse she endured:

"I didn't seriously date anyone before him. I didn't know what was love."

Oliver asked, "How many times did he rape you?"

"It's too much, I don't remember," Sun replied. "It's too traumatizing. but I would say none of the sex, especially after the fight, was consensual."

The fights were frequent, she said, and in one instance, she thought she would die. On one occasion, Sun said Xu tried to run her over. "He was after me, and he went to the parking lot and started his car driving after me trying to crash me in the street," Sun said. "I was so scared, and I was actually surprised that someone actually just try to kill me in public."

Oliver asked, "How many times did you report professor Xu to the university?"

"I believe eventually three times," Sun said. "I felt like they wanted to sweep it under the rug, that's for sure."

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