"Judge Upholds Most Of Case Against UR", Rochester Business Journal

“It’s a wonderful decision. It’s a beautiful decision,” said Ann Olivarius, lead counsel for the former professors and students who had filed the suit. “It essentially embraces our arguments and says ‘You get to go forward.’” “Virtually all of the substantial legal claims, particularly those about retaliation, were left in,” said one of the plaintiffs, Steven Piantadosi. He and his wife, Celeste Kidd, who both had been on Brain And Cognitive Science faculty at UR, left UR a little more than a year ago to take new jobs at the University of California at Berkeley. Vilardo wrote that the suit contains many charges of retaliation including “criticism, violating confidentiality, viewing the plaintiffs’ emails, calling for an independent investigation, permitting Jaeger to participate in (complainants’) performance evaluations, failing to retain or hire a plaintiff, hindering the plaintiffs’ efforts to move to other institutions, and excluding the plaintiffs from meetings,” all of which the university claimed were not “adverse employment actions.”

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