McAllister Olivarius client Nina Burleigh featured in Press Gazette

McAllister Olivarius client Nina Burleigh, Newsweek’s national politics correspondent, is demanding an apology from The Telegraph after it took down an article she had written in the face of a libel threat from Melania Trump. Burleigh has sent a legal letter to Telegraph Media Group through McAllister Olivarius, arguing that the apology damages her reputation as a journalist.

Jef McAllister told Press Gazette: “I don’t read UK libel law as requiring this retraction any more than the US… The truth remains a defence in the UK as it always has been.” He went on, “I think an apology is by far the most important thing because it’s her reputation at issue. It isn’t about trying to make windfall from them. This is a direct assault on her integrity as a journalist and therefore her capacity to make a living for the rest of her life.”