Dr Olivarius publishes op-ed in Prospect about Jeff Bezos leaked photos

Dr Olivarius has published an op-ed in Prospect titled, “Jeff Bezos was right to fight back over his leaked photographs—but you shouldn’t have to be the richest man in the world to fight revenge porn.”

Regarding his decision to fight back against his nude photo leaks, Olivarius wrote, “I applaud him for exposing the maddening hypocrisy of the norms (usually much harder on women) that say your nakedness is something other people get to exploit. But unfortunately, that solution is, unlike his business empire, not scalable. Bezos can do this because he’s literally the richest man on earth. He’s also straight and white and, frankly, his selfies seem safely on the tamer side. Releasing those pictures would cost him some privacy but not much else—unlike for most people, including my clients.”