McAllister Olivarius client BethAnn McLaughlin in Science Magazine

BethAnn McLaughlin is a neuroscientist, profiled in Science Magazine for her role in fighting sexual harassment in science. McLaughlin began campaigning openly against sexual harassment in STEM after reading an article about Inder Verma, alleging he had committed decades of sexual harassment and abuse, and realizing he was still a member of the National Academy of Sciences in good standing.

She Tweeted, “You cannot ACTIVELY CONTRIBUTE TO FURTHERING SCIENCE IN AMERICA if you have impeded the progress of women by harassing, assaulting and retaliating against them. Period. Kick … Verma out of National Academy of Sciences.”

Ann Olivarius, McLaughlin’s attorney, told Science McLaughlin’s case “is a perfect example of the tactics that universities so often use to sweep complaints under the rug.”