UR lawyers violate witness confidentiality, echoing past breaches, Campus Times, Rochester NY

“UR’s law team violated confidentiality of 23 witnesses in the federal lawsuit pitting UR against former students and employees who say they were retaliated against for coming forward with sexual harassment allegations. This is the third time UR has faced criticism relating to confidentiality in the fallout of accusations against professor T. Florian Jaeger. 

On the evening of Sept. 25, Ward Greenberg — the law firm representing UR — failed to remove a key of the pseudonyms and identities of anonymous witnesses from court documents before filing them on the federal court document database PACER, where they were accessible to the public until the next morning.”

““The fact that this happened made me realize that my desire to remain anonymous can and is being used against me and the other witnesses,” Brown said. “A lot of whom are in positions where they’re more vulnerable to retaliation and intimidation than I am.”

“It ensures that other witnesses will not come forward because they won’t be guaranteed to be able to do so anonymously, now that the unmasking has occurred,” Jessica Cantlon, one of the complainants, said.”

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