McAllister Olivarius publishes press release summarizing rebuttal to Debevoise & Plimpton report

McAllister Olivarius has published a press release summarizing its rebuttal to Debevoise & Plimpton's report about sexual harassment at the University of Rochester. 

The press release states, "The Report’s central defect is that it is a work of advocacy dressed up as if it were impartial and “independent. The University has paid $4.5 million, funds that might be coming from tuition or donors and should be going to education, to one of the most sophisticated corporate defense firms in the world. Debevoise has a long track record of using special investigations of this sort to get companies out of trouble. In this case, its task was to defuse the public pressure that arose from our Complaint. The Report may have helped the University’s PR, but it is still fundamentally wrong and misleading. It is a major waste of the University’s money."

You can read the full press release here