Dr Olivarius quoted in Buzzfeed investigation into Columbia sexual harassment policies

Dr Olivarius spoke to Buzzfeed as part of its investigation into Columbia's sexual harassment policies. The article discusses a case of sexual harassment at Columbia University in 1998, where a professor was found to have been sexually harassing his student - but then remained employed by the university for twenty more years. 

Dr Olivarius told Buzzfeed, "In academic settings, young women can feel as if they have equal power with their professors, but it’s an illusion. The whole circumstance means they are in an inferior position, and while they may feel their consent is uncoerced, the professor retains power over them that provides the fundamental basis of his possible sexual access."

Regarding universities' policies of dealing with sexual harassment, Dr Olivarius went on to say, "We think the right approach for universities is to ban faculty relationships with undergraduates and with graduate students in the same department, which right now is rare.