Chrissy Chambers wins damages in landmark revenge pornography case

McAllister Olivarius client Chrissy Chambers has won substantial damages in a landmark revenge pornography case in the United Kingdom. After a four-year legal battle, her settlement was made public today after a statement was made in open court. In addition to damages, Chambers received copyright of the videos posted without her consent, so she can pursue websites that host them, and an apology from the perpetrator. 

Georgina Calvert-Lee, who represented Chambers, said, "Victims of revenge porn always tell us of their humiliation and shame. Their identities have been stolen and distorted and they think they are powerless to do anything about it. Their attackers – those who have violated their trust and posted their images, or copied and shared them, or profited off them – bank on this humiliation and sense of powerlessness. Chrissy Chambers’ case shows that victims of revenge porn need feel powerless no more … All they need do is use the law to stop the revenge porn, and the industry that feeds off it, and take back control of their image and their identity.”