Dr Olivarius, named Donaldson Fellow, meets with Yale SOM students

Dr Olivarius visited Edward P. Evans Hall at the Yale School of Management after being named a Donaldson Fellow, to speak with students about her career. Yale SOM describes Donaldson Fellows as “alumni who are recognized as embodying the school’s mission to educate leaders for business and society in their personal and professional accomplishments.”

During the presentation of Dr Olivarius’ award for the Donaldson Fellowship, Ted Snyder introduced Dr Olivarius, saying “However, Ann's distinguished career is not what we celebrate this evening. Rather, we celebrate Ann's steadfast pursuit of justice for those who are disadvantaged. She was deeply involved in a landmark civil rights case that established that sexual harassment is unlawful. The ACLU has named her one of the nine most influential actors in the history of Title IX, which provides for equal treatment of women in education.” You can read the full introduction here.