Client Catherine Mayer pens CNN op-ed about sexual harassment

Our client Catherine Mayer, who has brought her own suit against Time magazine for gender and age discrimination, has written an op-ed in CNN about the recent explosion of sexual assault and harassment allegations in the media.

Quoting a Tweet about the accusations made against Harvey Weinstein, her op-ed discusses the notion that "Every woman I know has had her own Weinstein incident." Mayer considers the idea that those discussing instances of sexual harassment may distract from and trivialize the experiences of "real" victims. She concludes, though, that discussing a range of experiences does not diminish others' suffering and, rather, highlights a culture in which a range of inappropriate behavior has been deemed largely acceptable. 

We are proud to represent clients like Catherine Mayer who stand up in the face of sexual harassment and hold others to account for wrongdoing. We commend everyone who, like Catherine, has refused to accept a "Weinstein incident" as simply a fact of life.