Nature op-ed features University of Rochester sexual harassment case

Laurel Issen, a witness who contributed to the EEOC complaint our clients filed against the University of Rochester, penned an op-ed in Nature, arguing that academic institutions should take more responsibility for protecting students and staff from sexual harassment. 

Describing the treatment she and her colleagues experienced at the hands of Professor Florian Jaeger, she noted her worry about what would happen if she came forward, "I knew this behaviour was not acceptable. I was also convinced that if I came forward alone, I risked retribution and the university would not take my claims seriously. I felt my best option was to warn other students privately and make it known that I would come forward if we reached a critical mass."

After ultimately moving away to complete her dissertation, she learned of others' complaints against Jaeger. Although her name had been mentioned as someone who should be interviewed, she wrote, "The first person to secure testimony from me was from McAllister Olivarius, a London-based legal firm hired by the plaintiffs. My former colleagues had found a powerful ally in getting their complaints taken seriously."