McAllister Olivarius clients pen open letter in University of Rochester Campus Times

McAllister Olivarius clients in the case against the University of Rochester penned an open letter in the Campus Times, in preparation for the University's celebratory Meliora Weekend.

Speaking about the University of Rochester's private investigations into their claims of sexual harassment, the clients said, "We don’t want to discourage witnesses from participating in the investigation, but we also fully understand their concerns. This is why we chose the McAllister Olivarius firm to conduct an investigation and to bring our complaint forward. They are specialists in this area. They know how to treat victims of sexual harassment. They helped create sexual harassment law and have been advocating for victims for over 40 years. The firm’s senior partner, Dr. Ann Olivarius, was named by the ACLU as one of the most influential people in the history of Title IX. Nelson Mandela said her work had 'courageously advanced the cause of justice, and improved life opportunities, for hundreds of millions of women, blacks, and disadvantaged, worldwide.'"