Georgina Calvert-Lee commissions new research on workplace harassment and discrimination

Based on new research commissioned by Georgina Calvert-Lee—Senior Litigation Counsel at McAllister Olivarius—the Plymouth Herald reports that a third of working women have experienced harassment and discrimination in the workplace. In this poll of 2,000 working women, participants commonly report patterns of unwanted touching or brushing, and having their work and achievements "hijacked by male colleagues." The research is intended to help women put a name to the kind of illegal mistreatment they can suffer at work, recognising that it's not unusual for women not to "actually realise they're experiencing sexual discrimination or harassment," Calvert-Lee explains.

She concludes by stressing the importance of speaking out in these situations, knowing that the law is on your side. Companies will often try to do the right thing if they're put on notice: "It can feel a bit daunting speaking up; especially if you're afraid of losing your job for standing your ground. But the only way these situations are going to be solved is by making others aware of it and not suffering in silence."

"It's illegal," Calvert-Lee continues, "and you can get help. Good companies want to fix it. Other companies can be persuaded by legal action."