Daily Bruin features McAllister Olivarius case at UCLA


McAllister Olivarius is representing graduate students Nefertiti Takla and Kristen Glasgow in a Title IX lawsuit against UCLA for its handling of their sexual harassment complaints against Gabriel Piterberg—an eminent history professor and graduate student adviser. The Daily Bruin, the daily newspaper at UCLA, recently wrote an editorial on the case, holding that "it's evident UCLA has failed to create a campus where students are safe from faculty members’ advances."

After our clients' initial consultation with then-Title IX coordinator Pamela Thomason, Piterberg was given a punishment equivalent to "a slap on the wrist." He was suspended from the university, but only during a term he spent as a fellow at the European University Institute—an appointment that won him accolades from the University.  Though he paid a fine and participated in a sexual harassment training session, Piterberg was allowed to return to the university to teach and, as the Editorial Board writes, "was allocated certain protections" as a tenured faculty member "which prevent the University from taking permanent action."

The Daily Bruin Editorial Board concludes by criticizing UCLA for exhibiting a "startlingly low standard" in handling sexual assault suspects, perpetuating a dangerous environment for students like our clients.