Ann Olivarius speaks at international conference celebrating the centenary of women’s suffrage in Iceland


Senior Partner Ann Olivarius addressed the plenary session on women and the economy at the International Conference Celebrating the Centenary of Women’s Suffrage in Iceland on 23 October 2015, speaking about investing and 'gender lens' philanthropy. This two-day conference was coordinated by McAllister Olivarius Senior Advisor Halla Gunnarsdóttir, and commemorated the 100-year anniversary of women gaining the right to vote in the Nordic countries. World-leading feminist academics, activists and practitioners were among the speakers.

Olivarius's speech, 'Being All in for Her: Because it Makes Sense,' now available on Youtube and below, explores the large gender gap in the participation of men and women in finance, investment, and philanthropy—money being 'the topic that women never seem to want to talk about.  And . . . the one thing that the women’s movement has never had enough of.' With only 7% of the world's philanthropy dedicated to advancing women and girls, Olivarius urged the delegates to re-approach their investing and charitable giving with a 'gender-lens', which would not only 'produce high financial returns, but also positive social impact . . . to advance women and girls,' she explained.

Speaking as a Board Director of Women Moving Millions, a group founded in 2007 to magnify the attention given to charitable investment in women and girls, Olivarius argued that such a strategy would bring large dividends for society, men and women alike, and was essential to further progress for women. 'Money,' she said, 'is pivotal to our medical advancements and political successes. Women need it to change the world. . . . In the feminist social revolution of the 60s and 70s and since, many women have broken the chains on their minds and on their bodies, but the chains that keep money from us remain firmly in place. Regarding women and money, we’re still really at the starting line'.