Ann Olivarius calls for better laws on sexting


Senior Partner Ann Olivarius warns that the recent revenge porn legislation has in practise offered less protection to children than to adults. In her op-ed published in The Telegraph online earlier this week, she addresses the fact that children who are victimised by revenge pornography may be criminalised themselves if they took their own image to start with. This is, says Ann, starting at the wrong end.  Children should not be criminalised for taking intimate photos of themselves, or sending them to others.  It’s those who then transmit those images to others without consent who should be prosecuted – as the new revenge porn law provides.  

In addition to intelligent sex and relationship education, Ann calls for better laws and robust enforcement to hold creators of pornographic images of children, and non consensual sexual images of adults, accountable, as well as going after those who intentionally post, host and refuse to remove such content from the internet.