Ann Olivarius interviewed by Inside Higher Ed

In a recent article on sexual harassment in the field of academic philosophy in Inside Higher Ed, Managing Partner Ann Olivarius was interviewed about a recent campaign to shed light on the alleged repeat abuses of a high-profile philosophy professor at Yale University.

The article explores a recent campaign by a pair of students to expose the professor and highlight the lack of accountability for faculty members who engage in sexual misconduct. One of the students has started a campaign on her blog, Protecting Lisbeth, and has raised over $7,000 in donations to retain a forensic psychologist for a potential lawsuit. 

The following is an excerpt from the article:

Ann Olivarius, who is representing one of the alleged victims in a potential lawsuit, said social media “is responsible for breaking this case.” She called Protecting Lisbeth unprecedented and “grassroots,” and said alleged victims are still coming forward as a result of the Internet posts.

Olivarius, a Yale law school graduate and plaintiff in the Alexander v. Yale case of 1977, which was the first to apply Title IX legislation to sexual harassment in higher education, continued: “This is not my client who started this campaign. These are other people who have had experiences with the professor who are speaking up about it. We’re trying to identify who they are, and hope some of them will be willing to become witnesses.