The Law Society provides services and advice for members of the public on a range of different issues, including information on how to set up a business and problems at work. You can also look for solicitors who specialize in different areas of law, and learn a little about the processes involved in bringing a claim.


The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) is a valuable resource for employers and employees. The organisation has devised a code and numerous tools to encourage more harmonious workplaces. You can contact ACAS or visit their website for free confidential advice about your query or grievance and learn about your rights in the workplace.


The Equality and Human Rights Commission was established by the Equality Act 2006 and works specifically to minimise discriminatory activities. The ECHR has the power to investigate allegations of discriminatory practices in workplaces and enter into binding agreements with employers regarding their equality practices. They also provide resources for both employers and employees on how to comply with equality laws.