AO Advocates, our sister firm, represents survivors of child sexual abuse in the UK. Ann Olivarius founded the firm with Jeff Anderson, the leading US lawyer in this field, who has pioneered justice for sexual abuse survivors for more than 25 years. AO Advocates focuses on bringing civil claims against abusers and the institutions that often have shielded them, particularly churches and schools. For more information, please see


In 2004, Ann Olivarius founded the Rhodes Project, a center for the academic study of female Rhodes Scholars and related advocacy. The Project has conducted extensive surveys and interviews among this group to identify patterns in their life experiences, values and career trajectories, believing that these can illuminate broader trends in the progress of women. A major scholarly effort is under way using Rhodes Project data, including a book to be published by Oxford University Press. McAllister Olivarius provides extensive legal advice and support for people who have suffered injustice and inequality, including discrimination and harassment. You can find more at