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Francie Diep considers the relationship between federal funding for universities, and accusations and findings of wrongdoing by university academics. Dr Olivarius is quoted as saying, “It will help deter sexual harassment if universities have to worry that covering it up will result not just in local scandal and lawsuits but losing government funding…I back efforts to make reporting mandatory”.

at University of California, and Addressing Sexual Harassment in STEM, in Genes to Genomes.

In a recent high-profile case at the University of California, Irvine, Francisco Ayala has been terminated, and the university plans to remove his name from the library and biology building after multiple women have come forward with complaints of sexual harassment. Ann Olivarius, a lawyer specializing in sexual harassment who reviewed the report against Ayala states that his “…very public punishment will send a loud signal that times are changing—that harassment…does not mean just extreme misconduct.”

University College London announced recently that it would end its use of gag orders in cases of sexual harassment and assault. This decision was due in large part to the activism by McAllister Olivarius client Emma Chapman, who spoke out against the non-disclosure agreement UCL asked her to sign while negotiating a settlement. 

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An article published Saturday by The Guardian exploring "Why science breeds a culture of sexism" featured McAllister Olivarius clients bringing a claim against the University of Rochester about their experiences of sexism in the cognitive sciences department.

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McAllister Olivarius client Dr Emma Chapman spoke with the Evening Standard about her experience at University College London, where she experienced harassment, made a formal complaint against the university, and was then asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement while settling with the university. 

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