McAllister Olivarius in the news

In the wake of a new independent report levelling damning critique of Warwick’s handling of the case, our clients are quoted:

"All I've heard [from Warwick University] for months is: 'we're listening, we want to fix this, this isn't going to happen again'.

But as far as I'm concerned things are still going wrong."

Explaining her reasoning, Danielle said: "I didn't want people to look at our case and think 'I'm never going to complain when something like this happens to me'.

"I wanted an ending that says 'OK things might go wrong but there's always a way that you can challenge that'."

 “The report acknowledges that the outcome of Warwick’s process into the group chat was ‘profoundly unsatisfactory’ and that the process itself was flawed and is open to legal challenge. We have brought a legal challenge and currently the university is denying all liability.

While we welcome Dr Persaud’s report and the prospect of the University of Warwick reforming the ways it handles sexual misconduct complaints in the future, we do hope it will now redress the harm caused to our clients by its flawed processes in the past. That is only reasonable and fair.”

Read more about the independent report’s assessment of Warwick’s missteps and failures in the Guardian.

Honza Cervenka, Trainee Solicitor, is asked by LexisNexis to weigh in on the government’s review of the law surrounding non-consensual taking, making and sharing of sexual images.

The full article is available here.