McAllister Olivarius in the news

Both the firm and our client Chrissy Chambers are featured in an article in Grazia magazine that looks at a small triumph this week in the battle against revenge pornography.

Facebook has announced the launch of a set of new tools that are supposed to make it impossible to repost or share intimate images of people uploaded without their permission.

Senior Partner Ann Olivarius joins Victoria Derbyshire on her BBC current affairs programme to discuss new guidelines that could see revenge porn offenders jailed for up to two years.

Ann explains the limitations of the current law and the consequences for our clients, including Chrissy Chambers, who has been fighting for justice for three years after her ex-boyfriend posted revenge porn material on a pornography website.

As the social movement against revenge pornography gets set to take to the streets of New York, the campaign’s founder Leah Juliett explains the importance of raising awareness of cyber sexual crimes and highlights the case of McAllister Olivarius client Chrissy Chambers.

Leah Juliett, Founder of March Against Revenge Porn

When a BBC Woman's Hour producer revealed her own uncomfortable experience it prompted a fierce debate between those who felt horrified and helpless and those who maintain people shouldn't snoop on their fellow passengers phones and ipads.

The Daily Mail and the Evening Standard were among those who looked to our Senior Partner Dr Ann Olivarius for her opinion on the issue.

The Sunday Times looks at the urgent problem of sexual harassment and assault at universities in the UK.

Dr Ann Olivarius advises the newspaper that legislation, compulsory consent classes and financial penalties are the only remedies that will bring about a change.

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Our Senior Partner Dr Ann Olivarius features in presenter Vogue Williams’ latest On The Edge documentary, which investigates the impact of online bullying, grooming and sextortion.

Described by The Independent as ‘difficult but necessary viewing’, the programme also focuses on our client Chrissy Chambers and her battle for justice in the civil courts after her ex-boyfriend posted revenge pornography online.