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Our Hennerton office

Our Hennerton office

We prize excellence, integrity, and creativity in our lawyers and staff.  We believe that diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas enrich our working life and enhance what we can accomplish for our clients.  Please see our latest diversity report here.

We recruit and develop highly able people from the US, UK and elsewhere and are committed to providing our employees with opportunities to flourish regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, national origin, family care responsibilities or gender.

Pro bono work and philanthropic participation are strongly encouraged, and our staff is active in a wide range of charitable endeavors.

We invest heavily in internship and trainee programs for college, law and graduate students.  We accept interns from the best universities around the world and expose them to our practice to the fullest extent possible. We have a particularly close relationship with Yale University, whose summer internship program we have regularly supported, and whose graduates are well-represented among our employees.

We encourage applications from women who are returning to work after extended career breaks. If you are considering a return to work after an extended break, and you're interested in working for McAllister Olivarius, please contact Ava Cook at

Currently hiring for a Finance Manager


Title:                                    Finance Manager

Location:                            Maidenhead (SL6)

Type:                                   Full-time, but flexible working and part-time arrangements are considered

Requirements:               Accounting qualifications; university degree preferred but not required

Salary:                                Competitive, based on experience and qualifications

Start date:                         Immediately


McAllister Olivarius is currently seeking to hire a versatile Finance Manager.  The job is unusual, and requires someone with flexibility and intelligence who enjoys challenges.

Working within a team, the job is going to focus on overseeing the implementation of the new software and designing new financial and bill-paying systems from the ground up to be as efficient and transparent as possible.  You will need to become familiar with our existing paper systems and be able to execute them while you are getting the software in place.  Once we have made the transition, we will look to you to monitor the financial system, and to produce detailed financial, tax and management reports and forecasts.  Experience with the US and UK tax systems is not required, but would be helpful. 

The ideal candidate will be able to operate on multiple levels: understanding our financial needs; overseeing our financial systems; and “mucking in” on mundane tasks as needed.

As Finance Manager, you will report to the Executive Committee and:

  •          Take responsibility for the day-to-day entry of financial data into our finance software;
  •          Oversee the expense authorisation process and ensure that expenses and invoices are paid in a timely manner;
  •          Process the firm’s monthly payroll;
  •          Manage the firm’s cash flow (including the creation of cash flow reports);
  •          Oversee invoicing and the creation of invoices;
  •          Manage the firm’s client accounts as per the Solicitors Accounts Rules of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, including monthly reconciliations and annual accountants reports;
  •          Create and submit quarterly VAT returns;
  •          Create and submit monthly management reports to the Executive Committee;
  •          Create year-end accounts and other accounts as required;
  •          Oversee the preparation of annual tax returns for the firm, the partners, and the firm’s associated entities, and producing any reports required by outside accountants working on the returns; and
  •          Serve as a resource on best practices in accounting and suggest improvements to the firm’s systems as they appear to you.

To apply, please send a brief cover letter outlining your interest in and qualifications for the position, a copy of your CV, and a dated copy of your accounting qualifications to with “finance manager application” in the subject line.